A photo of a puffin made of clay.

Ben’s Animals (With Ontic Media)

Ben’s Animals follows Benjamin Lachapelle, a 21-year-old autistic Canadian artist, and his devoted mother, Julie. Benjamin’s passion for art, driven by concerns about animal extinction and climate change, propels his career while offering hope to the autism community. Julie, who worries about Ben’s financial future and physical wellbeing, balances these concerns with nurturing his independence. …

(Wedding) Photographer – a Doc Series

Montreal. Summer 2024. Six different photographers prepare for an intense season of shooting weddings in the diverse cultural milieu that is Montreal. We take a deep dive into each photographers life, and ride-along as they meet unusual clients, navigate complicated cultural and logistical challenges on an actual wedding day, face fierce competition, and showcase the …

Chasing Arrows: An Avro Arrow Story

A group of volunteers near Calgary are building their own supersonic Jet. It’s called the Arrow II. The Arrow II is the result of many years of development to make a flying replica of the original Avro Arrow, Canada’s legendary jet interceptor that has been the source of controversy for decades. The original Arrow was …

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Meet. Pray. Love. Return of the Love Rabbi

This is not a reality show about love; this is the reality! COVID-19 has upended the dating scene. Social interaction, love and dating were brought to a standstill. Stuck in forced hibernation, stress and uncertainty only compounded the loneliness of isolation. Enter Yisroel Bernath, better known as Montreal’s’ ‘Love Rabbi’ and renowned matchmaker. Recently liberated …

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Just As I Am–The Shira Choir

Just As I Am: The Shira Choir is a little film with a great big heart. Following the lives of several members of a special-needs choir during a global pandemic, it’s a journey through sorrow and joy, life and death. Above all, it is a reminder that we should always treasure one another.


Kokoro Means Love

Keith Pun from https://www.melindaandkeith.com invited me along for this great shoot with the humble founders of Kokoro, a small Canadian business which makes specialty baby items, and recently pivoted to making masks for the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a lovely shoot and they were just so nice, it was really a pleasure to do. You …

Noah Standing on a Ship


Based near Montreal, Quebec, Canada I’ve been a filmmaker for most of my life, ever since my dad started letting me use his 8mm video camera (thanks dad!). After a detour into other things in university, I was drawn back to video as a way to make money doing what I loved. I built an …

Be Transformed

Be Transformed. The Presbyterian College

It’s always a pleasure to work with the Presbyterian college. I myself went to a Canadian Christian college and finished my education at a secular University, so it was fun to revisit some topics which I care a lot about.