Chasing Arrows: An Avro Arrow Story (In Development)

A group of volunteers near Calgary are building their own supersonic Jet. It’s called the Arrow II.

The Arrow II is the result of many years of development to make a flying replica of the original Avro Arrow, Canada’s legendary jet interceptor that has been the source of controversy for decades. The original Arrow was cancelled and destroyed even as it was soaring in the skies above Milton, Ontario. Will the Arrow II be able to escape this cursed fate?

Even more incredible than the actual Arrow II, is the dedication of the volunteers who are creating it. No-one in the world has such an advanced, ambitious, fast “home-built” aircraft, faster than many civilian planes.

However, with a project this ambitious, there are equal challenges. Will the team be able to raise enough money to finish the Arrow II? The completion date has been revised so many times that beloved team members have passed away. Progress is being made but is it fast enough? And the biggest question: will she ever fly?

All this takes place against the background of Canada, a nation that in some ways has forgotten that it can do and does great things. Once the third largest Air Force in the world, Canada continues to be a force in aviation, technology, and science.

This is a positive story about hard work to achieve a dream of flight. It’s a story about Canadian pride, ingenuity and innovation. It’s about meeting challenges that we must overcome to do great things.