Kokoro Means Love

Keith Pun from https://www.melindaandkeith.com invited me along for this great shoot with the humble founders of Kokoro, a small Canadian business which makes specialty baby items, and recently pivoted to making masks for the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a lovely shoot and they were just so nice, it was really a pleasure to do. You …

Be Transformed

Be Transformed. The Presbyterian College

It’s always a pleasure to work with the Presbyterian college. I myself went to a Canadian Christian college and finished my education at a secular University, so it was fun to revisit some topics which I care a lot about.

A truck driving into the distance in Africa

Iron Sharpens Iron, the Amen Experience

Shot for the Amen Experience, by Amen (meetamen.com). I shot this piece over a period of about five hours around the Island of Montreal for a local gym with an inspiring message. Shot on Sony A7iii with Rokinon 35mm 2.8 on a Siriu gimbal. Aerial shots and birds are from storyblocks.com.

Marc-Olivier Brouillette – Plant-Powered Pro Athlete

I had the pleasure of shooting this video for Copper Branch, a vegan fast-food chain based in Montreal. It was a fast shoot, we interviewed Marc and then followed his workout, using three LED lights to create the ambiance in the gym, shooting with my A7s and my A6000 (on a gimbal). Fast turnaround was …

Concordia University Department of Theological Studies

As an alumnus of the Theology department at Concordia, this project was dear to my heart. There are a lot of testimonials in the video, but here is one more: doing Theology at a public University made me aware of aspects of faith in the world which I never would have considered, and of connections …