(Wedding) Photographer – a Doc Series

Montreal. Summer 2024. Six different photographers prepare for an intense season of shooting weddings in the diverse cultural milieu that is Montreal. We take a deep dive into each photographers life, and ride-along as they meet unusual clients, navigate complicated cultural and logistical challenges on an actual wedding day, face fierce competition, and showcase the …

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Meet. Pray. Love. Return of the Love Rabbi

This is not a reality show about love; this is the reality! COVID-19 has upended the dating scene. Social interaction, love and dating were brought to a standstill. Stuck in forced hibernation, stress and uncertainty only compounded the loneliness of isolation. Enter Yisroel Bernath, better known as Montreal’s’ ‘Love Rabbi’ and renowned matchmaker. Recently liberated …

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Just As I Am–The Shira Choir

Just As I Am: The Shira Choir is a little film with a great big heart. Following the lives of several members of a special-needs choir during a global pandemic, it’s a journey through sorrow and joy, life and death. Above all, it is a reminder that we should always treasure one another.

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Love Notes to Newton

Love Notes to Newton is a film about a beloved (but short-lived) Personal Digital Assistant created by Apple Computer has meant for the people who created it, and the fans who adore it. Newton was the first mass-produced touchscreen handheld computer made by Apple. It only lasted a few years on the market (1993 to …