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Parsimony – An Unfinished Film about Science and Belief

Around 2007 I bought a video camera with the idea that I would make a feature-length documentary about some nagging questions I had about whether I could still believe in God in an age of science. This was brought on by the rash of atheist books that came out around that time, such as The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins, which I read and carefully considered.

Naturally, the best way to answer my questions would be to interview all the experts I had access to on the subject. I did so, and this was the result. I should warn you that only a few shots are properly lit, shot, etc., and that there were some sound problems. One interview I had my dad operate the camera, and in order to keep it “interesting,” he found it necessary to ad a lot of zooms and camera movements. Never do that.

I like the film, because it was a journey for me, but this posted here is definitely a rough and unfinished video. It has been at least a year since I worked on it, so I decided it was time to turn it out into the wild to see if it could be of use to educators, or just interested persons of any sort. My skills as a cinematographer, editor, storyteller, husband, dog-and-house-owner and basically everything else have much improved since this project, so please don’t take it as an example of my filmmaking abilities. If there is any interest, I may post some of the original interviews also for use in classrooms, etc.

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