Final Cut Pro X gets another update, and this one looks good.

Final Cut Pro X, which has had many video editors, including myself, up in arms and jumping ship to Adobe Premiere and Avid editing systems, quietly received another update today.

If you live in this particular bubble, you know that many editors felt betrayed by Apple, who pulled a “bait and switch” on them by releasing Final Cut Pro X as a professional editing system and successor to Final Cut Pro 7 when it was really nothing but a dressed-up consumer app.

However, the company seems to be adding back in support for features which should have been there in the first place. Have a look for yourself:

Screenshot of features added from the Apple Store.


I’ve grown acquainted with Final Cut X over the last few months, and while I wouldn’t trust it with a large project, I have edited several weddings on it, and it would be fairly quick for that purpose, except that it is constantly rendering, and doing other things which slow down the process. Motion effects are particularly difficult to use and they frequently stall my computer with the infamous “spinning beach ball” for up to several minutes at a time, depending on the complexity of the task. Exports are also slow.

For now I will be sticking with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut 7 for most projects, but it is promising to see that Apple is at least trying to get back in the game.