Chasing Arrows: An Avro Arrow Story

A group of dedicated volunteers work to recreate a National legend, the Avro Arrow. Canada’s greatest aircraft that never was.

Everyone who hears about theAvro Arrow, that famous supersonic jet interceptor from the Cold War, feels a certain angst at its loss. The worst part is that the plane was in the air in 1959, flying at supersonic speeds as intended, when it was cancelled and ordered destroyed by the Canadian government. 

(here’s a good little video by the History Guy to get you acquainted with the plane)

Butthis is not a film about the history of the Arrow, but its future.Several groups across Canada are working to make the Arrow fly again. Some for nostalgia, and some to regain our independence in defense aerospace. “The Arrow will fly again within 5 years.”

My name is Noah, I’m a filmmaker. I had just finished my first feature film and was looking for my next project. A colleague mentioned the Arrow, and it brought back memories of hearing about it as a kid, being shocked and outraged, seeing that CBC TV movieand being crestfallen that we could be so close to success before abandoning it.

(the CBC TV movie about the Arrow)

It is quite literally the story of Icarus, who made wings of wax and then flew too close to the sun.

What really interests me, though, is the sense of perpetually wounded pride that Canadians have about the cancellation. It feels like a wrong that we need to make right. Canadians are modest by nature and though talented, we are practical. We are not always big dreamers. Except that we sometimes are.

Recreations of the Arrow fall under two categories: nostalgia and serious defense business. For example, folks in Calgary are creating the Arrow II, a 60% flying replica of the Arrow. On the other hand, certain corporations are positioning a version of the Arrow as an alternative to the expensive F35 program or procuring foreign jets, but made at home. Other films deal with the history, this film will be about the present and the future of Canadian innovation. 

This is a grassroots production, but the quality will be excellent (even better than my previous film, Love Notes to Newton. The storyline is appealing and engaging, and I have no doubt that by the end of the film you will be inspired and excited about possibilities. 

It will be a reminder of the amazing things we can accomplish if we pur our minds to it. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read to the end, I’m going to be living with this project for the next little while so please reach out with any ideas, comments and questions, it’s going to be a supersonic ride.

More info coming soon.

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