Tanya and Sean

Tanya and Sean from Noah Leon on Vimeo.

There were a lot of things that went right with this wedding. Not only did two beautiful people get married, but I got clean audio (some of the best, nicest-sounding ever) right from the sound system throughout. It’s a good thing, too, because everybody had something nice to say about Tanya and Sean. The ceremony was filled with meaningful words and song, and the reception was speech-after-speech, and all the speeches were good (not always the case at a wedding!).

I shot everything myself with my Canon T2i and T4i in Cinestyle, which was perfect for the outdoor shots and allowed me to really bring out a filmic range of colour in grading. Outdoor weddings are really beautiful, and natural light, somewhat diffused and sheltered by the trees, is truly the best for any kind of photography.

As I mentioned, everything went right for this wedding. The reception, too, was well-lit and beautiful, and I had some great fast glass (lenses) to put in front of the camera which ensured everything was sharp and bright, but again, it was the people involved who made it really special. What a great night.