Lauren & Nir

This wedding was something special and different! Everyone involved was fun-loving and ready for a great time, and a live band adds a lot to any reception. All in all it was a fantastic event ...

Audrey & Thierry

What a lovely couple, full of good humour and fun, it was a fantastic wedding with so many great “moments.” All the best in your new life together.

Dafna & Aharon

Trailer Wow, Aharon and Dafna are so good together, it was souch a touching wedding and oh, those tears! Best wishes in the future and all blessings and comfort in the years to come.

Rebecca & Bryan

Rebecca and Bryan were just a little weird. And I don’t mean weird in a bad way, I mean that they know how, according to Bryan, love is just mutual weirdness. There’s no better way ...

Elisa & Andrew

Elisa and Andrew are two fantastic, funny, beautiful people who are surrounded by amazing friends and loving family. No life challenge will be too big to overcome for this couple as they move ever onward ...

Levanah & Samuel

Something old, something new, something traditional, and something truly epic. [content_protector password=”mazeltov”] [/content_protector]