The Montreal Ministry to Seafarers Promo

The Ministry to Seafarers (M2S) of the Christian Reformed Church is a Montreal-based organization dedicated to caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of seafarers visiting the Port of Montreal. M2S exists to be a seafarer’s advocate and first line of support, to lend both a sympathetic ear and a helping hand, and assist …


Margalit Azerad Couture

I’m particularly thankful to have been a wedding Videographer when it comes time to do a project like this. Margalit called me and asked me to show up for three hours to film while Anthony Turano

Wedding Dreams – Marie Adolphe Signature

Marie Adolphe Signature – Wedding Dreams from Noah Leon on Vimeo. Marie Adolphe gathered a group of talented artists to work together and create a masterpiece of ambiance and art, to showcase her skills as an event planner. It was a beautiful venue with many talented people who all came together to promote Marie Adolphe …


Copper Branch – Vegan Powerhouse

I put this video together for Copper Branch, a vegan fast food restaurant in Montreal. I feel good about creating a promo like this, since Copper Branch stands for ethical, quality whole foods. A big thank-you to Byron and Andrew and of course Rio at Copper Branch for allowing me to collaborate with you on …


Shooting Seafarers’ Chaplains in Corpus Christi

This video was done for the Montreal Ministry to Seafarers for the NAMMA conference in Corpus Christi. All footage was shot, edited, graded, presented and uploaded in the same day. I big speed boost came from using Final Cut Pro X, which is kind of a blunt instrument but very much geared for speed of …


Making Videos about Seafarers Welfare

The shipping industry is amazing–bigger than Microsoft, more invisible than the CIA. In April I had the chance to travel to Stamford, Connecticut for the North American Maritime Ministry Association¬†to do a series of interview videos and conference recordings. It was a challenging schedule, and each night I would take the footage I had recorded …