You want your video to look good.

Our care, experience and attention to detail in video production for weddings, corporations and purely creative purposes come at a reasonable cost and take into account the changing landscape of media in today’s world.

Moosefuel Media is an independent video and new media production company serving Montreal, Quebec and area.

Moosefuel Media has been around officially since 2010, when I started it as a second job. Since then, it has grown to become my full-time business. Nomatter the project, my collaborators and I always aim to provide more value and “heart” to our clients than what others are offering for higher prices. it is our greatest pleasure to have clients who are happy with their videos and treasure them for years to come.

To contact me directly, find out more or for a quote, please contact us below:

Noah Leon – President and dictator for life
Phone: 514-562-9636
Email: [email protected]

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