Moosefuel Media Summer Wedding Internship/Training Program Proposal

Shooting weddings is a great way to learn a lot about shooting, but the two favourite things I’ve learned from shooting weddings are: how to “run and gun” and how to make videos look more expensive and cinematic than they actually are.

We are looking for students to help us with editing and shooting, and will provide training.

Proposal for Courses

  • Noah of Moosefuel Media will do a 1.5hr introductory course to shooting and editing weddings, giving away as many secrets and tricks as possible. If participants are interested in going further then:
  • Noah will give a series of two or three courses on editing a wedding, participants will be given actual wedding footage to experiment on.
  • Noah will give a series of two or three courses on shooting weddings. Equipment, strategy, religious and cultural considerations, and how to get into the business.

Requirements for Interning

  • For editing, ideally participants will have access to their own computer with the latest version of Final Cut Pro X. Premiere might do in a pinch.
  • For shooting, participants need to be able to follow instructions, show up on time, and have some basic aptitude using a camera.
  • Participants must be detail oriented, organized able to focus and follow instructions.
  • For shooting, participants should have access to a car or be willing to travel to locations in the Montreal area

Process and Compensation for Editing

  • After becoming well versed in the process for editing a wedding, students will be paid $300 for a rough edit, eventually building up to $600 for a polished edit including a traditional 30min to 1hr video, and also a 5-minute teaser.

Process and Compensation for Shooting

  • After learning the process, participants may participate on some weddings in summer 2018 beginning with a few hours of ceremony and then reception, and building to doing a whole day.
  • Depending on scheduling and willingness of the couple to have an intern along (usually it’s OK).
  • Pay is $15/hr on the first gig, with the possibility to go to $30/hr if the student shows aptitude for shooting


Noah is a CUTV alumnus and has been shooting weddings for about seven years. The tools I’ve learned at CUTV and also shooting weddings have helped me on all kinds of productions, including corporate and documentary.

You can see my work at Contact me at [email protected] or find me on social media.