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Spine Tingling, Beautiful, Yet Creepy–Waves (the Movie)

With no budget but what were in director and good friend Irfan Ahmed’s pockets, we have managed to bring to life a beautiful but eerie tale of loneliness, questioning reality, and love–or at least we’re almost there. Every month this summer we have been shooting the film using unpaid cast and crew, with the hopes that once we cobbled together a trailer and started telling people about the film, we could begin paying people and upping the production value.

Except, that part never really happened.

Instead, we simply shot all the footage on a shoestring budget, and it still turned out beautifully. Now that about 85% of the shots are “in the can,” I’m turning my focus to post-production, but also to raising the money we originally were supposed to find in the first place.

To this end, we have set up a profile on, a crowd-sourcing site which helps projects like this one get off the ground (hence the “Rocket” part). It is my hope to be able to get more previews, trailers and delicious tidbits out to encourage people to get involved in this project, but for now please simply believe me that it is going to be really good.

Of course, you can watch the trailer that we made while we were still pitching the idea, but remember that the actual film is even better.

You can follow the project, and even donate (there are rewards!) here.

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