Joseph’s Bar Mitzvah

Joseph is one of a kind, a whiz with all things Apple, unique and with a heart of gold. Everyone had a great time at this fantastic celebration, and Moosefuel Media had the privilege of capturing it.

Yael & Michael

It was such a pleasure to capture these lovers on the day of their wedding. There was laughter, tears, serious moments and many, many joyful moments as well. We were able to record a small part of what this day was all about, and we’re so glad we did.

Dalya & David

Dalya was a beautiful bride with a special sense of humour, and David was kind with “just the right amount of attitude.” With a little work, these two will be together forever.

Vanessa & Philippe

Vanessa & Philippe from Noah Leon on Vimeo. What a couple of gems this couple was. It was our pleasure to be there for it all, and there are some moments which we will remember for a long, long time.

Sarah & Joshua

Sarah and Josh are sweet and kind, and surrounded by people who bring out the best in them both. Their wedding was full of good humour, fun, and the memories they built on this day will be treasured for the rest of their lives.

Stefanie & David

It was the most amazing night, the kind of wedding that makes you believe that two people really could be made for each other. It was a huge privilege for Moosefuel Media to be a part of this wedding. So many things went right, and even though the day was really REALLY hot, one of …


Eric’s Bar Mitzvah

There’s only one way to describe this Bar mitzvah… EPIC! This family was full of surprises, and believe me, they still are. What a great party, and what a great celebration of their son, Eric. [content_protector password=”mazeltov”] Ceremony Party: [/content_protector] Pre-Bar Mitzvah Videos

Vera & Serge

Serge and Vera's wedding was glamorous, beautiful, and what a crazy party! They have a story which spans the globe; from Montreal and Russia to China. It was wonderful. Shot with the Sony A7s, modified Slog-2, cut in Premiere and graded with Magic Bullet Looks.

Ilan’s Bar Mitzvah

What a journey this family has been on! It was a privilege for Moosefuel Media to be a part of it. The ceremony, henna, and party were amazing, but the most amazing thing is the love they have for each other. Laughter, family, and having a really, really good time. The best thing about being …


Lee and Joel

This wedding was big, beautiful, and the groom was so funny! Joel had a unique sense of humour and Lee was the exact portrait of a beautiful princess. A lot of stuff went right at this wedding, and we were able to capture hundreds of memorable moments.

Marina and Michael

Marina and Michael from Noah Leon on Vimeo. Both Marina and Michael have smiles that break out at the first sign of… well, anything! The wedding was beautiful, and the people were real. Music was from

Tanya and Sean

Tanya and Sean from Noah Leon on Vimeo. There were a lot of things that went right with this wedding. Not only did two beautiful people get married, but I got clean audio (some of the best, nicest-sounding ever) right from the sound system throughout. It’s a good thing, too, because everybody had something nice …