Joseph’s Bar Mitzvah

Joseph is one of a kind, a whiz with all things Apple, unique and with a heart of gold. Everyone had a great time at this fantastic celebration, and Moosefuel Media had the privilege of capturing it.

Eric’s Bar Mitzvah

There’s only one way to describe this Bar mitzvah… EPIC! This family was full of surprises, and believe me, they still are. What a great party, and what a great celebration of their son, Eric. [content_protector password=”mazeltov”] Ceremony Party: [/content_protector] Pre-Bar Mitzvah Videos

Ilan’s Bar Mitzvah

What a journey this family has been on! It was a privilege for Moosefuel Media to be a part of it. The ceremony, henna, and party were amazing, but the most amazing thing is the love they have for each other. Laughter, family, and having a really, really good time. The best thing about being …


David’s Bar Mitzvah

It's obvious from his personality that this new man has character. Surrounded by people who love him, David will go far. The ceremony was excellent, and the party was incredible. It was a privilege to be part of such an event, even though I was observing through the lens of a camera.