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Supercharging a 2010 Macbook for the World of 2014 and Beyond

When I visited my family out West, I showed my sister and my brother in law my fast, spiffy used Macbook Pro I7 which I picked up for a very reasonable price. It’s a 2010 model, but with a few upgrades it is a quick, responsive editing and on-the-go machine, even though it’s a few years old. My sister asked me how she could do the same for her Macbook Pro, and the conversation went as follows:

On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 3:52 PM, M <[email protected]> wrote:
Hey Noah, would you help me figure out how to upgrade my Mac to a Hybrid like yours? Like, tell me what to buy, maybe find me a good online deal and I’ll just buy it and Aaron and I can figure out how to put it in? Your expertise would be much appreciated 🙂

Hi M,

What I did was:

1: Upgrade my memory from 4GB to 8GB (you can go to and check what memory you need for your model, and perhaps find it cheaper at memory express, or I think you can also find out in the About this Mac section under the Apple Menu)

2: Buy a SATA hard disk caddy for the optical drive, so you can remove it and insert an SSD:

3: Buy an SSD. Mine is 120GB, and I use that to store Mac OS and I have the original hard disk for storing my movies and stuff. Here’s a good one:

4: Reinstall Mac OS on the new drive. Use TrimEnabler (just need the free version) to make sure your SSD stays fast.

Note: If you want to keep your DVD drive, you could just buy a larger capacity SSD and replace your original hard disk with that.

You can find all the guides for taking apart your mac at

Lots of love,

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