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The Most Important Stuff (select options)

no                 yesDescriptionQuantity Price
House - Getting ready, makeup, suit, dress, friends, photos. $
Photo Shoot - Videographer shoots video in tandem with your photographer, usually at a park or urban area included
Ceremony or Ketubah/Bedeken - Entrances, highlights, readings, signing, $
Reception - Events, dancing, speeches. Until 1AM or until every activity is completed, whichever is sooner $

Editing and Delivery

no                 yesItem Description Quantity Price
Full Edit - 30min-1hr edit (depending on the wedding). Edited together in a more traditional style, a complete edit with all the highlights and events from the day. $
20-minute film. A more cinematic experience which is a good blend of traditional wedding video and short shareable trailer. $
“Trailer” - 5-10min edit (depending on the wedding). Something cinematic and shareable online with family and friends (via Vimeo). $
Preview of PROJECT - See the video online before it is delivered so that you can make requests for changes, etc. Included
USB Flash Drive (recommended option)- Completed edit in HD on a USB flash drive in a decorative glass jar. This drive can be copied and shared by you as much as you like.$
Online Download - Completed edit delivered via online download (Dropbox)$
DVD - Completed edit, including menus and chapters, on DVD, in DVD-box with artwork.$
Blu-Ray Disc - Completed edit, including menus and chapters, on DVD, in DVD-box with artwork. $
Raw Footage - Raw, unedited clips from the camera on a portable hard disk supplied by Moosefuel Media $


no                 yes Item Price
Additional Videographer - Whole day (includes additional time spent editing added footage)$
Additional Videographer - main ceremony and beginning of reception only (includes additional time spent editing added footage) $
Walking Discount - All locations are within walking-distance $
Own Disk Discount - Clients bring their own disk to the reception for the raw footage transfer mentioned above. $
Referral Discount - Name who referred you to get this discount: $

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