WAVES Short Film

After all our work over the past year, I have to say that for the budget we had (what budget?) and the work we did (a lot, between actual jobs), I am really proud of Waves. The visual look of the film is, well, tasty. The sound mixing posed some considerable challenges (next time, professional sound recordist!), but other than that, our parsimonious shooting (we did most of our shots in 3 takes or less) and short production schedule (if we were to add up all the days we actually were shooting, we probably did it all in a week and a half) has paid off (after many hours editing).

It has been a pleasure to see Irfan’s vision for this short film come together through my camera (a DSLR with a nice Pentax prime lens)  and on my computer screen (as he and I edited, colour-corrected, sound-designed and composited), and I hope everyone enjoys it.

The test-screening is on April 29th at Cinema du parc, which is here:

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We are also doing an online screening on Sunday, the 29th. You can access it on that day and a couple days after by clicking here: http://waves-themovie.com/screening

The purpose of the screening is partly to get feedback before our festival submission, and partly to just have a good time and say farewell (or “see you later”) to Irfan as he is moving away from Montreal for a while.

PS: Party at Irfan’s afterwards!