This is a video I put together for Dr. Jason Zuidema, as a sort of sermon/documentary proof of concept. He used it for a Church event, but it could be used for other things as well. Reconnaissance, Vraiment? from Noah Leon on Vimeo.

Another “POP”

  This is yet another Proof of Performance for an advertising campaign by Outdoor Media Works. I put together this POP to showcase OMW’s mobile truck advertising, street team advertising, LED screen advertising at events… you name it. As was mentioned in my previous post, a Proof of Performance is (in this case) a catchy …


Some advertising work I did for the F1 in Montreal

  This is a project undertaken for Outdoor Media Works in Montreal. I created the motion graphics for BudgetAir, and subsequently filmed this proof of performance for the clients. A “creative” is an artistic work of advertising, and a “proof of performance” is usually a video or still photos which prove to the client that …


WAVES Short Film

After all our work over the past year, I have to say that for the budget we had (what budget?) and the work we did (a lot, between actual jobs), I am really proud of Waves. The visual look of the film is, well, tasty. The sound mixing posed some considerable challenges (next time, professional …


Promo Video for the Ministry to Seafarers

This is a video I put together for the Ministry to Seafarers, I spent a couple days doing time lapses in the morning and in the evening. I then boosted the saturation and used Magic Bullett Looks to give it a swing tilt (the blurry effect), which makes the time lapses look like miniatures. It …


Waves – the Movie – Second Trailer

So between work and life in general, we found the time somehow to edit another trailer together. This one is better… waaaay better. The film is a delightful existential romp through the confines of the human mind, knowing, and willfully forgetting. Fun for all ages.

How to Get 132 Dislikes on YouTube

I was hesitant to post this video, as it is intentionally bad. A good friend of mine who is also a videographer, Aaron Ng, approached me about making a “Rebecca Black” video to help promote a company which basically sells “Prom” to high school kids. The people commissioning the video already had the song they …


The Secret Life of BEEZ Preview

The project fondly known by myself and those who worked on it as “BEEZ” has been finished for a while now, and has been going out to festivals around the world. We had our first acceptance this summer and the film is set to screen in Malaysia (which, to avoid any confusion, is awesome! What …


Sixtron Global Webcast Auction

This is an example of a corporate promo-video produced by Moosefuel Media. Global Webcast Auction: Sixtron Advanced Materials Montreal, Quebec March 15, 2011 One hundred and Nine (109) bidders attended the Sixtron Global Webcast Auction. Countries represented included: Canada, England, France, South Africa, Portugal and The United States.


This video is a movie I shot and edited in a day. Part of my series of shorts: 1 short film, 1 day, 1 different genre. I shot it on my Canon T2i (550D) using a Rode Videomic and Magic Lantern firmware. I edited in Final Cut and applied Magic Bullet Looks for a nice …