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A Vernissage

Shanne Vernissage from Noah Leon on Vimeo.

A vernissage shot by Moosefuel Media ( this spring at Galerie 203 in Montreal.

Vernissage à la Galerie 203
Shanne Stevens

It was a pleasure to work for Shanne at Galerie 203 in Montreal to create this promo-video of her vernissage. Shanne is a local artist and photographer who was having her first vernissage in the Old Port of Montreal.

I used prime lenses (50mm Pentax F1.4 and Samyang 35mm T1.5) for the bulk of this shoot which allowed me to capture sharp, colourful, well-lit images. My goal was to get everything looking its best in-camera, since I wanted to edit my footage on my iPad, and I wouldn’t be doing any colour-grading in post. This was a small experiment to see whether the iPad was up to the task of creating a professional-quality video. It was, and I was able to capture the footage using the iPad camera kit, and edit it in iMovie, finally exporting it to Vimeo. a couple things that were missing that I wish the iPad-iMovie combo did were 24p (iMovie only does 30p, so that’s what I shot in), and I wish the editing system were a bit more feature-rich. Pinnacle Studio is a great alternative for iPad, and it does a limited version of 24p, but lacks iMovie’s refined trimming tools.

The art was beautiful, and Shanne wanted a lively, moving feel to the video, which I accomplished with some slider shots, handheld shots, and of course lots of shoulder-mounted shots and tripod shots for stability.

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